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Café OZ

8, boulevard Montmartre 75009

A place to be for Australia enthusiasts, the Café Oz Bar welcomes you to its truly inimitable ambience. With a selection of New Zealand and Australian beers on the menu, it offers attractive happy hours, concerts and DJ sets.

Pub O’Sullivans

1 boulevard Montmartre 75009

Within easy reach to the Place de l’Opera and Grands Théâtres, it is a trendy Irish pub offering themed parties and afterworks.


Café Grévin

10, boulevard Montmartre 75009

Right at the entrance to the Musée Grévin, the Café Grévin opened its doors in 1882. Masks and other bold décor elements add to the magic of the place. To match with the surroundings, traditional French, chef-made meals are on the menu.

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