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Shopping arcades

Le Passage du Havre

107, rue Saint-Lazare 75009

Topped by a glass canopy flooding the main alley with day light, Le Passage du Havre is a most uncommon and unique shopping venue. Housing a variety of brand stores, it also features a green patio garden, which is great for having a fresh lunch.


Le Passage Jouffroy

9, rue de la Grange au 12 boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris

With its iron and glass architecture and its heated floors, le Passage Jouffroy was built in 1836 using most innovating materials of the time. The capital’s most visited shopping arcade, it houses lots of toy and book stores. It is also where the entrance to the famous Musée Grévin is located.


Le Passage Verdeau

6, rue de la Grange au 31 bis rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 Paris

Assigned to the same company that was in charge of Passage Jouffroy, the construction of Le Passage Verdeau was accomplished in 1846. Since the Drouot Auction Hose opened its doors, the place attracts collectors of antique books, embroideries and furnishings.


Le Passage des Panoramas

11, boulevard Montmartre au 38 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris

The oldest covered shopping arcade in Paris, Le Passage des Panoramas is a listed historical monument. Opened to public in 1800, it was where Parisian high society used to stroll and shop, whatever the weather. With its unique décor featuring oriental engravings, the today’s Passage des Panoramas houses several restaurants and boutiques.

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